GISC Important Dates

Nov.8 Laternenfest
Nov.16-18 Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving
Dec.4 Nikolaus at GISC
Dec.18 Last Day of School
Dec.21 – Jan.4, 2016: Winter Vacation

*Red = No School


Open House  2015:
Day: Thursdays
10.00 am - 12.00 pm

 5  November 2015
19  November  2015


In the lunchroom.

In the lunchroom (photo courtesy of Aline Stern Photography:

Q: You say the school will be using Montessori materials. How will the school follow the Montessori approach?

The curriculum is Montessori-based insofar as the classroom enables our children to develop and to learn through active choices. Supporting this idea, our classroom is organized in multi-age groups and learning areas, using Montessori materials. The teachers have experience with this method.

Q: What about lunch and snack?

At GISC, children are encouraged to actively participate. This includes preparing and organizing their meals. Children will bring a lunch and two snacks to school. Suggestions include protein foods, fruit and vegetables, and bread or crackers. Warm meals can be brought in a thermos.

Q: How did this initiative start?

GISC began as a parent initiative and quickly gained support from members of the community, who were convinced of the need for a German language immersion day school environment; the first in a long time in Chicago. The German Consul General, Goethe Institut, the German American Chamber of Commerce are all very supportive of this effort as are many businesses with international ties.

Q: What are your plans for growth?

Our goal is to provide schooling for our students and incoming students through grade 12. To this end, we will add at least one grade per year.

Q: Can students seamlessly transfer to another school?

As with any school transfer, there will be a period of adjustment either to GISC or to another school. GISC incorporates the framework and objectives from Illinois as well as for German schools abroad. Thus, children will be able to successfully adapt to any differences in curricula.

Q: What is the percentage of German to English in instruction?

Instruction is conducted in German at GISC. In kindergarten, formal instruction in English Language Arts begins. In consecutive grades, English will also be taught in Social Science and Mathematics.

Q: How can I help?

Individual donations or suggestions of funding partners, granting bodies or other ideas are most welcome. We also have fundraising events on a regular basis. Look for our next event on our website.

Please contact us at with your suggestions.