Aqua Agents at GISC

aquaagentenlogoWe are excited to announce that German International School Chicago 3rd and 4th graders are participating in the project “Aqua-Agenten in Chicago”, a science project developed by the Michael Otto Foundation for Environmental Protection in Hamburg in 2010 and supported by the Goethe Institut in Chicago. The goal of the project is to make students aware of the importance of water for people, nature and business.

Our students will cooperate with students from Chicago’s Hayt Elementary School and a school in Hamburg, Chicago’s sister city. The students will work closely with their partner classes in the United States and in Hamburg. The cooperative project will take several months to complete.

In the first lesson, the students were introduced to the responsibilities of an Aqua-Agent: to scientifically investigate, ask questions, conduct experiments, document findings, and evaluate results. The students work either individually or in partner work through different stations which are part of their agent apprenticeship. Kristina Raab from the Aqua-Agent headquarters in Hamburg came to welcome the new apprentices.

Some of the students have already conducted a survey in downtown Chicago asking people about their water usage. The survey was evaluated by the whole class and put into a diagram for representation. The students discovered that most people interviewed use water for personal hygiene.

For more information (in German), see the Aqua-Agenten website.

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