Comments from our 2015 GISC Constituent Survey:

“My kids have had an exciting school year and they both show an enormous improvement in their skills. They like GISC very much, and we all look forward to another year there!”

“I love the teachers and how involved they are in the children’s education. They are able to speak so directly to what the children are learning and how they are interacting with each other and where we (as parents) can help our child continue to grow and learn.”

“Very nice and helpful community. The teachers and staff are very committed and all professionals. Our kids love to go to German School.”

“Keep up the great work – this is a really special place!!”

20130907_IMG_3896_revGISCwebsiteComments from our 2014 GISC Constituent Survey:

“We have been very happy with the education our child has received at GISC!”

“The staff is dedicated.”

“Thanks for providing an excellent education to our children!!! And the opportunity to learn a little bit more about their German culture.”

“Our child loves GISC, and we do too.”

“A big thanks to all involved in GISC. What a lovely place!”

“Long live German School.”

Mrs. Vivian Lie:

As a parent of a 4 year old pre-schooler at German International School Chicago, you might find this biased – but I am more than happy with the school, their wonderful teachers and the teaching method (Montessori). My daughter has been jumping out of bed every morning since September proclaiming proudly how she is going to “German School” today and makes a long face on the weekends.

The full day program (9-3) and the before and after care is also a great option for working parents.

The teachers are loving and caring and the large, former CPS school building gives the children a gymnasium to roam around and a very private little playground that gets used every day.

If you are interested in a German immersion language education, consider German International School Chicago — it is wonderful.

Dr. Maria Stetter:

My husband and I really struggled over whether or not to send our son to preschool at age 3 but after much research chose GISC. We could not be happier!

I visited the school and was pleased to see engaged happy children, learning nonstop. The morning starts with a circle time where students sing songs with their teacher and aide. They review appropriate concepts such as weather, days, months of the year, and numbers. They do crafts on Fridays. But more importantly, they embrace the Montessori method where students choose their own activities for a good portion of the day with teacher support.

They also have a strong physical component with an enclosed outdoor play area as well as an indoor gym. The instruction is in German, but is definitely learning that the kids can generalize to English.

The staff is extremely caring and available to the parents to discuss issues and questions. But most importantly, my little one is thrilled to go to school every day and comes home with a smile on his face and obvious newly learned skills that my husband and I are proud of! Thank you GISC!

Mr. Jim Greco:

In 2009, my wife and were extremely lucky to find a language immersion preschool program that was both affordable and such an enriching experience for our son. At German International School Chicago, the educators, staff, school board and parents all share the same commitment to a multi-cultural learning environment, and that inspires us to do our part to contribute to the school’s success. If you are looking for a pre-school program that is intimate in its setting, truly multi-cultural and is made of up motivated and genuinely nice families, then this is the place to be.