Preschool Field Trip to the Farm

June 13, 2017

Preschool Field Trip to the Farm

Our field trip to the Historic Wagner Farm was a great way to wrap up our IB unit “How the World Works”. Our preschoolers finally saw some of the animals they had inquired about, such as chickens. To our surprise, the chickens had just laid eggs, and there were a few baby chicks, too, so we were able to see an entire life cycle in real life! The students experienced self-efficacy by first peeling corn from a cob, then grinding the corn into flour with a grinder, and finally feeding the chickens by themselves with the meal they had just made. We also learned where milk comes from and how to make butter from milk, which was an interesting and delicious experience. In addition, our young students learned about the purpose of farm animals and about the farm work children did 100 years ago. They also got a chance to pump water from an antique well, which was very refreshing on a warm summer day.

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