GISC provides before- and after-school care and extracurricular classes. Before/After Care offers supervised free play. Students may be enrolled in B/A Care and Extracurricular Programs at the beginning of each trimester. Parents may register their child(ren) for one up to five days per week. For families who only occasionally need B/A Care for their child(ren), we offer a Drop-In Program.

Before-School Care is available from 7:30 am to 8:00 am.

After-School Care is offered from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
(Session 1: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm; Session 2: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm)

Extracurricular Classes:

Chess (grades 3-6): Chess class offers a fun, intellectual, and challenging chess education. Curriculum is designed to impart the many benefits of learning chess such as critical thinking, sportsmanship, and learning from our mistakes in a challenging and exciting way.

Coding: Scratch is a kid-friendly programming language that’s been used with students as young as 6 years old. It features a colorful, block-based format that lets kids intuitively build fun projects like games, animations, and interactive stories. All students will learn how to chain together commands to gain an understanding of programming fundamentals like conditional logic and loops. More abstract concepts such as variables and abstraction are be introduced to individual students when they are ready.

Spanish: In Lango classes, your child will plays their way into language learning. Our classes blend authentic music, movement-based adventure challenges, and informal assessment to provide learners with an exciting and enriching language experience. Our curriculum has been conceptualized on the foundations of second-language-learning breakthroughs, giving students unique opportunities to gradually acquire and use target-language constructs and problem-solving skills. Students will complete meaningful projects and engage in conversation exchanges with interactive goals designed to mimic situations they might encounter in their lives while using their imagination.

Karate: Children will learn Shaolin Kempo Karate while learning important life skills. Villari’s trains students while teaching six important rules for life: Effort, Etiquette, Character, Respect, Sincerity, and Self Control.

Soccer: Children develop their soccer skills in a fun, energetic, positive atmosphere. Our coaches are from Super Soccer Stars. The classes focus on teaching soccer while developing self-confidence and teamwork.

Pre-Ballet (ages 3-5): A child’s first experience in dance is important and the goal of this class is to provide quality instruction for young children in a fun and nurturing environment. These classes will include instruction in the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and tumbling. In addition, children will gain self-esteem while working on coordination skills, strength, rhythm, creativity, and body awareness.

Ballet (ages 6+): Ballet is a classic form of dance that builds grace, beauty, poise, and strength while developing correct body placement. This artful dance discipline enriches mental and physical dexterity and enhances a sense of artistry in children. Dancers in our GISC class will develop an understanding of classroom etiquette and structure and will acquire a basic knowledge of dance vocabulary, as well as rhythmical, musical, and technical skills from which to build and expand. Throughout the students’ training, ballet vocabulary is introduced and instruction allows time for the body to build strength and grow into the technical demands of the ballet technique.

Homework Supervision: Students will be grouped by level and do their homework supervised by staff. They receive some help if required.

Piano:Children will learn piano through individual or small-group instruction at GISC’s music studio. Thomas Gunther, our instructor, holds a teaching position at Columbia College. Originally from Germany, Herr Gunther moved to Chicago in 1997 after receiving his Master’s degree in Teaching and Performing Jazz and Popular Music from the State University of Stuttgart.

Cello: Children will learn cello through private instruction from Cornelia Babbitt who holds a performance certificate and pedagogy degree from Detmold Music Academy, Germany. She has performed with the Chicago Symphony, the Lyric Opera, and is currently with the Chicago Philharmonic and Guliani Ensemble.

Violin and Viola: Children will learn violin or viola through private instruction from Pamela Bublitz, who holds a Master of Music in Violin Performance from Wichita State University. She has made solo appearances with L’Orchestre de Bordeaux d’Acquitaine, Bernkastel Kammersymphonie, BBC Symphony, Casals Festival Symphony, Lawrence University Symphony, University of Minnesota Chamber Symphony, Wichita State University Symphony, and Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra. She has taught private violin and viola lessons for many years.

String Ensemble: Enjoy making music together under the guidance of Cornelia Babbitt.