GISC has a vibrant school community that enriches students’ development and learning, nurtures friendships among students and among school families, and reaches out to the larger community with cultural programs.

To our students, we offer many extracurricular programs and our Parent Organization provides many opportunities for social interaction beyond the support of our academic and extracurricular programs.

Communication with Teachers & Staff

The GISC Calendar and general events (open houses, holidays) are posted on this website and included in the Parent/Student Handbook. News and memos are sent to parents/guardians by email. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to communicate with school staff by email. Every two weeks, the teachers send an email home describing student learning and activities of the past two weeks, as well as the plans for the next two weeks.

Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 3-5)

On Fridays, students will bring home a folder with samples of their week’s work, and parents are encouraged to let the student show and explain his/her work to them.

Kindergarten & Elementary/Middle School (Grades K-8)

Students will receive daily homework assignments. They will bring home their folders and binders with current work. This will allow parents to also see in-class student work.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Formal parent-teacher conferences are held three times during the school year after the end of the school day. Parents will be notified by email in advance of the conference days detailing how to sign up online for individual conferences with teachers. The conferences are held in November, March, and June.

Parents may request special meetings with teachers to discuss specific matters of concern at any time during the school year.